Happy Fathers Day, Paul Westbrook!

  Happy Fathers Day to all you great Dads out there!  My Dad is awesome.  The other day I was talking about my family to someone and I said, "My Dad is probably the nicest and most giving guy I know."  The person who I was talking to stopped and said, "That is really great you can say that."  And you know what, it is.  I've had the pleasure of being raised in a great home with two parents that love each other and still do:)  Thanks to my Dad though, I have a sick "Westbrook sense of humor" and for that, I thank you, Dad:)  lol  I hope you have a wonderful day today.  Love you, Dad! Evie

  I have no clue when my Dad took this shot of himself, but I think it's safe to say, any sweet photography skills I have it's because of him:) 

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