Slowing Down

  OK, so I'm starting to really slow down with this pregnancy.  Literally, as in, someone in a wheel chair could easily pass me by.  It dawned on me that in less than one month I'm going to have three kids!!!!  My husband and I will be out numbered. 

  I'm trying to keep up with taking a few pictures here and there for a simple scrapbook for Caleb.    I thought it might be fun for one page to be on his big brother and big sister right before he was born.  So, I took the kids out early this morning behind our house. I was hoping of getting a few good shots, however, out of the 76 images I took, only 3 were well, to be honest, so-so.  Just another reason why I'm not a child photographer:)  So, don't ask me to take your kids pictures.  I will smile and turn you down:)  Evie

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MelK said...

I'd hire you in a second...they're awesome :-)