Sneak Peek: Hayden turns 8!!!

  Every year right before my kids birthdays, I look back over the year and think about what they were into at that age.  This year for Hayden, we've broke it into a three part session.  I know, I CRAZY!  Part 1 is, science stuff, part 2 is his coin collection, and part 3 is drums.  We've shot everything but part 3, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm really tired already.  I'm headed out of town tonight for about two weeks, so I felt like I need to post something.  All I have to share is a bit of  Hayden's session.  So, here's a Sneak Peek of part 1.  Hope you all have a safe and fun fourth of July!:) Evie

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Amy said...

So cute! You're such a creative mama!