Sneak Peek......{ Jesse }

  I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to be back home at my desk, drinking my own coffee, after waking up from my own bed:)  I've been gone 17 days and have lots to catch up on, but thought I'd post one shot before the dreaded task of unpacking begins. 

  My little brother, Jesse wanted a new Facebook profile shot.  With me being me, I couldn't just take him in the backyard and snap a few.  That would have killed me.  So, we went to downtown KC and I treated him like a real client;)  I literally took the shirt off my back (luckily I had on a tank top also;)) so he could wipe the sweat off his face every five seconds.  It was so bloody hot that day.  Ugh.  We had lots of laughs and ice tea though:)  Here's one of Jesse's favorite shots from the day.  I made him work for it! 
  Hope you're all doing great!  I'll post more from Jesse's session and from a wedding as well later this week.  Evie:)

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