Back On.

  Yesterday I talked to my sister, and she was telling me she was sick of going to my blog and reading, "Green Bean or String Bean?" so I thought it was time to blog on something.  I've been taking a break from my camera and I have to admit, it's been hard, but I've been enjoying spending the summer with my family.  They literally moan when I bring my camera along on outings, so it's been tucked away in my Kelly Moore bag patiently awaiting to be turned back on. 

  So, I grabbed Jael (my daughter) and her new glasses and got to work.  Well, that is for about three minutes.  That's all the time she gave me.  Seriously, she quoted me three minutes of shoot time for one bite of ice cream.  Kids these days. 

  She's now ready for kindergarten!  I can hardly believe it.  Hope your summer is going great!  I'm about to head to Kansas City, then St.Louis, then Nashville, then back to KC to shoot a wedding.  I should have LOTS to blog on by mid July.  Talk to ya soon! Evie:)

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~Amy said...

Jael is so adorable in glasses! :]