Happy Valentines Day!

  It's the best day everrrrrrrrrrrr!  OK, sorry I'm quoting SpongeBob this early in the morning, but it is!  I love Valentines day!  I know I said I would not be blogging this winter, but I wanted to share a few images from this past weekend.  My husband, Brian took me to Kansas City and we had a wonderful time.  We stayed at the gorgeous Hotel Philips.  And we were in walking distance of a new place suggested to us by a friend.  Raglan Road is our new favorite Irish restaurant!  Everything we ordered was AMAZING!!!!  And they had a cool Irish dancer get up and dance on the table.  Can't beat that, right?;)   
  I did get my new camera this winter.  And I LOVE it!  I couldn't help but take it along on our trip and take a few pictures along the way. 
  So far all my winter goals are going well, all that's left is revamping my blog.  So, I'm hoping to get that done and start blogging again.  Please be sure to check back next month and I'll be right here:)  Have a wonderful Valentines Day!  Evie

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