It's not you, it's me.

  If my blog were my baby, I'd be a bad Mom.  As in I have not been feeding and changing it's diaper.  I'm at a point right now, where I REALLY have to work on branding my business.  I have lots of new changes coming up for 2011.  I'm getting a new website, new prices, new second shooter, new camera (thank you Jesus) new goals, and a new blog!  I really want 2011 to be a productive year, so I'm getting busy doing things besides blogging these days.  And I'm sorry, it's not you, it's me.  I'm looking forward to a great winter!  It's my husbands busiest time of year, so I will not be accepting any weddings/portraits until April 2011.  Bydoing so I can focus on all the behind the scene things.  And give my family extra attention:)  So, I wanted to give you a heads up...I have no clue when I'll be blogging again.  It might be hit and miss through all winter, or maybe nothing.  HOWEVER, I will be posting some pics of my Facebook, fan page, EviePhotography.  Please, "like" the page to stay connected or just say hi:)  In fact, I'd love you to say hi;)  Also, I will be checking my e-mail daily.  I'm still booking weddings/sessions for this spring/summer.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  Evie:) Pin It


christyc84 said...

Hi- saw your post on Laura's fan page, and thought I'd check out your blog! Don't stress too much- blogs are a TON of work... really... I think it's the uploading of the photos that bogs us down so much...blogger doesn't make it easy...and the sad part is, prophoto seems to only be a template so $300 later it still wouldn't be easier! I have found that I get the most exposure through facebook and referrals from clients. That is the BEST way to get business and linking your facebook uploads to your "high res" blog post will also help! You seem to be starting out still, so I thought I'd give you some kind words. Your work is great! Keep it up and have fun with it, it will all fall into place! :)