Sneak Peek....Ashley!

  Hi guys:)  It's been a looooooong winter.  So ready to get back in the swing of things!  Actually I had a few sessions this past week that I'm excited to blog about.  First I have to edit them though;)  Here's one I grabbed while uploading...love the light in it. 

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Mollie said...

Ashley has always been soooo gorgeous!! Great photo! p.s. I'm so glad you're blogging again :)

smartash said...

Thanks Mollie!

EVIIIIIIE!- I loooooooove my pics! They turned out sooooo good! I'm so impressed with your work. Thank you for working with my schedule and being available. The old building pics are great, which brought out my sophisticated side...and I love the field/country pics! They are absolutely amazing. :) I cant wait to see what other pics you put up on here, I love looking at your work, you are so creative and a blast to work with. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!