Is that all you got?!

Last night my son, Hayden and I had a conversation after dinner.  It went something like this....

Hayden-Mom, you and I need some together time.  Do you wanna go on a date with me?
Me-OF COURSE!  Can I bring my camera?
Hayden- OK, but you can only take one picture!
Me-(palm instantly hitting my forehead) What, one?  You're killing me smalls.
Hayden, Ok, tweny five.

  So, I cleaned up the dishes.  I asked Brian to watch Jael.  Packed Hayden in the car and headed to McDonalds.  Grabbed an ice cream three stories tall and headed to a park so Hayden could skool me at soccer.  During the night I heard lines like, "Is that all you got?!" and "Run like the wind old lady" and "Mom, why do you jiggle when you run?"  We had lots of fun!  He even told me his heart wouldn't change once he's a teenager...lol.  Ahhh, my little boy's growing up.  Better put my camera down and play with him while he let's me. 
                                          When did McDonalds give out such huge cones?!
Brain freeze....I warned him.

Hope your Wednesday is awesome! Have a great one! Evie Pin It


Mollie said...

Hayden is such a sweetheart <3

MGM said...

Love those missing teeth. And since I don't want to get sucked into FB tonight, I'm not going there to respond to our dialogue about a play date. But Yes! Please let me know if Hayden has any half days or times that a play date would work out!