I Dig It:) Sugar

  Happy Thursday:)  I wanted to share a small skin tip for all my future awesome clients:)  It's SUGAR!  I know it's super important to have clear beautiful skin for your pictures.  I do my part in Photoshop to help, but there's a few things you can do too:)  Here's what I suggest.  First, get a good night sleep the night before.  Second, drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.  Thirdly, add some simple white sugar to your face cleanser!  It's cheap and more than likely you have it in your house already.  It's a great way to exfoliate all that dead skin.  That way you have smooth radiant skin for the shoot.  Oh, and please don't forget, don't wear sunglasses 30 minutes before the session.  Trust me, you don't want funny lines on your face;)  Hope this helps someone out there:) Have a great day-Evie

Thought I'd share a before and after picture with you.  Morgan has beautiful skin, but don't forget she's a teenager too:)  Zits are going to happen.  It's life.  So, this is where a few tricks in Photoshop come in handy. 
Here's an image straight out of camera....
And with a wave of my magic Photoshop hand, here's a beautiful clear skined, bright eyed Morgan:)

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Mollie said...

How cool is Photoshop?? I exfoliated just the other day, and realized it took my tan off :( Guess I shouldn't be tanning anyway.