Mollie McButter

  I know I haven't blogged much this past week.  To be honest, there's not much going on.  Just LOTS of spring cleaning for me.  Which my hubby is loving!  I did however run across a few pictures of my sister, Mollie from last weeks trip to St.Louis.  She flew in from Florida to see our new nephew.  It was great seeing her.  She even brought us salt water taffy which is now presently on my hips.  Thanks Mollie.  Here's a few pics of Mollie McButter:0)  (I used to call Mollie, Mollie McButter as a kid....she HATED it.  And I so knew it!  So, this is me getting you back for the 5lbs I gained this week;))

Mollie letting me test the light on her while on Morgan's senior shoot....

Mollie letting me test the light on her while on Jacob's shoot.  :0)
And Mollie being a AWESOME AUNT and babysitting for me so I can do a shoot!

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MGM said...

I want a sister! (does that count as "coveting"?)

Evie Smith said...

I have three I can share:)

Mollie said...
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