"Presadent Hayden" yes, I know how to spell President:)

  Today is Dr.Seuss' birthday.  Hayden, my son was to come dressed to school as his favorite book character.  We were going to put him in his Batman costume, but that seemed a little boring since he just wears that around the house for fun.  I noticed a suit in his closet he has yet to wear.  It was a hand-me-down from a cousin.  So, I mentioned one of our favorite books, "The President and Mom's Apple Pie."  I told him he could wear the suit and go dressed as President Taft from the book.  As luck would have it, he loved the idea:)  He wanted to put it on as soon as he woke up this morning.  Even though I was half awake, I took some pics:)  I always watch him walk to the bus stop.  As he walked down our driveway, he came to the mail box, turned around and put his pointer finger in the air and said, "Barack Obama, I'm coming after ya!" 
  Hope your Tuesday is good.  19 days till spring folks, hang in there;)  Evie

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Mollie said...

How funny!!!!!

Leah said...

How cute! Hayden makes a great Presadent!