Pretty much I'm procrastinating.

  Good morning:)  I have lots to clean today...boo, so I thought I'd go ahead and write a small blog post.  Pretty much I'm procrastinating.  haha  Anything to get me out of cleaning my bathrooms.  So, the first thing I do when I get on my computer in the mornings is log onto Facebook.  It's such a love hate relationship.  I actually deleted about 95% of my person pictures off yesterday.  It was actually pretty freeing.  This morning when I logged on I read a quote someone posted by John C. Maxwell.  He said, "Half of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at."  I'm here to say I'm dumb at a lot of things...I have no shame, but I know where I want to go in life and I feel like I'm headed in that direction.  It's a good feeling.  Here's a pic I found in a session file yesterday.  It's of a beautiful old builing in Belleville, Ill.  I just love the color and sky.  Have a blessed day everyone!!! Evie

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Mollie said...

I love the old buildings in Belleville, but I'd have to say my favorite thing is the cobblestone streets :)

Mollie said...

I love the old buildings in Belleville, but I must admit I love the cobblestone streets the most!

Mollie said...

Oops, thought my first comment never posted!!!