Moving on....

Aloha-ha-ha:) Ok, I'm not really sure where that came from....moving on.  I should have known better to not have mentioned I was having a shoot over the weekend, b/c I think I jinxed myself.  My client got sick and so it was cancelled:(  Thinking of you guys though, I tried to take some pics so I could post something for Monday.  The weather on Saturday was beautiful!  One of those perfect shades of blue skies kinda day.  A girl can breathe in that kinda weather you know;)  And then on Sunday it was pretty nice too.  My family and I went on a few hiking trails.  We even went out and bought a fire pit.  You could easily say we're ready to go camping!  Oh, I almost forgot, I got my fishing license for this year.  Really, is there EVER game wardens (is that how you spell it?) out checking if people really paid $12 for a small piece of paper?  Moving on....so here's some pics from my weekend:)  Hope yours was excellent.  Guess what?!  TWENTY days till the first day of spring!!!!!!!  Sweet fancy Moses it's almost here!:)  Evie

Some goodies for the .......

....FIRE PIT!!!!!:)

Jael was caught SCREAMING at her brother.  Brian's took care of it::) 

Jael back in the swing of being a princess again and treating her brother right:)  I promise she's laughing here.

Hayden was still for about a second.  I think the IBC cream soda was kicking in:)
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Mollie said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!!! Wish I could've been there :(

Evie said...

Cheer up charlie....I'll see you in about a month!!!! And you will let me take a few pics of you;)