Oh man, today has been a long day.  We were up at the surgery center at 7am this morning for Jael.  Poor girl, she had to have FOUR teeth extracted:(  Not going to talk too much about it b/c I've shed way too many tears over it.  But the good news is, she's still beautiful;)  She's doing great and loves all the Jell-O and extra attention we're giving her.

It's only 5pm but we're starting a early movie night tonight.  T.G.I.F.!  This next picture is pretty much worth 1,000 words..lol...but I'll only use three: Perfect. Friday. Evening.  Hope your week went good.  Try to relax this weekend and play in the snow if it came your way....I know it's in our backyard! 

Oh, if you're a former B.R.S.M./F.I.R.E. student and live nearby, Mr.Gladstone is preaching tomorrow night two hours away!!!  Compton, AR  Saturday 7pm and Sunday 10am/7pm.  http://www.heavenrules.org/ for more info.

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