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Hi guys:)  Hope the sun is shining where you live today!  It's cold here, but the sun is out so I'm not complaining.  Brian and I have been looking at old video footage of our kids and we are starting to think we might need a few more in the future.  Kids that is..lol.  We'll see.  I love having little ones running around.  Well, most of the time;)  Brian is starting school here soon for graphic design...So, maybe in two years we'll have more kids:)  I just don't want too much time to pass me by.  I really wanted to be done having kids by the time I'm 30, but let's face it...that's only a year away:(  Anyways, here's a pic I found just a bit ago.(This is with my cheap point and shoot camera, so please excuse the pixelation)  My two little trouble makers:0)  Have a great day!  Evie
P.S. How do you really know when you're done having kids?  Does anyone really know or have advice?

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Leah said...

Awww, look at my little niece and nephew!! They are too cute! I think you need to start having more ASAP! :)

Mollie said...

Evie, I was just literally looking at this photo you sent me from back then in my e-mails!! I was marvelling at how small they seemed. How time flies....I guess I should think about having kids before it's too late!!

Evie Smith said...

It's true, kids grow up so fast:( Mollie, you should totally start popping them out;) lol I just need Leah to move close to me so I can get my chubby baby cheek kisses out of my system:)

Leah said...

Evie, I'd move back if you'd stay in one spot for more than a year! ;) j/k Mollie, JUST DO IT!!!!!

Evie said...

Mollie....Do it!

Amber said...

Evie, I have been wondering the same thing. I also thought that I would be done by the time I turned 30, but as Annabelle is getting out of her baby baby stages, I am thinking lets have one more. :) Who knows? Kids are such a precious gift, to be blessed with one more would be great! Life is definitely never boring with kids! You just gotta love them! Have a great day! :)

Evie said...

Amber-So glad to have you on here:) It's true, kids are such a blessing. Maybe one day we can get our kids together;)

MGM said...

Ummm...how do you now when you are done having kids? For me it was when the realization hit me that both Zoe and I would have died in childbirth if it weren't for modern medicine, and even if it were for modern medicine, Zoe would have died if my Mom had not been in the room during my labor. And if that weren't enough, it was when I realized that Zachy would have died in childbirth also if it weren't for modern medicine. Praise God for His call on my kids' lives!

I figured I better quit while I was ahead.

Those two killer c-sections certainly left me feeling like I was done, if I had any questions still. My body obviously doesn't know how to deliver babies.

And then, if I needed any MORE convincing, there's the hormone dysfunctions that my second pregnancy caused and the destruction of my thyroid gland that makes it virtually impossible for me to get out from under that extra 20 pounds that I've never been able to lose since the second pregnancy.

Oh, and the fact that I was pushing my mid-thirties about the time I was aspiring to pushing that second baby out--that ended up having to go c-section after a hellish labor...that didn't help convince me to have more either. Now, at 38, there's no way I'd consider doing this all again.

Don't mean to be a total downer, though! Not everyone shares my experiences, thankfully!

I am so blessed to have my two beautiful babies. Not at all sorry to have enjoyed 7 years of marriage with my husband before introducing children, and completely satisfied with the beauty of my life--my fabulous husband and two (only two!) beautiful babies.

For you, however, I can totally see more in your future! :)

Evie said...

Wow, I think we've had this talk before, I forgot how hard your delivery's were:( I guess that's one way of knowing you're done....thanks for sharing!

Evie said...

By the way, I LOVE your blog name;) lol