Never a dull moment

  It's never a dull moment when you have kids.  Take yesterday evening as an example.  We were watching the kids throw a little ball around.  Hayden does a dive like nobody's business and his forehead lands straight into the corner of a side table.  I seriously thought he was going to need stitches, but thankfully we got the bleeding under control.  Thanks to New Skin and a butterfly closure we ended the day on a happy note.  On account that we were not in a hospital.  Because let me remind you, we were there Friday because Jael needed surgery.  Once again, never a dull moment.  So, this morning I wake up and as luck would have it, I have a cold.  Sore throat, fever, and coughing.  And about 2 tons of dirty laundry to do:)  Yay, I love Mondays!!!!  haha  By the end of the day, I'm pretty tired.  I just wanna take a bath and relax.  I tell Brian to watch the kids and I'm in bubble bath heaven.  Jael comes to in see if I need her bath toys and I'm looking at her, thinking, "Man, she looks so different to me."  Then it hits me....her hair has been cut!  Long sigh....never a dull moment.  I get out of the tub and sure enough, her hair is cut into what looks like a girl mullet and even Mermaid Barbie got a trim too.  Nice of Jael to not leave her out;)  I'm going to take a day and think about what to do next with her hair.  Do I get a cute short bob style or do I get it tappered in front where most of her slicing and dicing job is?  What do you think? 

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Mollie said...

Didn't Mom once say that every kid will eventually take a pair of scissors to their hair?? What's a girl to do??

Leah said...

Well... at least it was sweet of her to see if you needed any of her bath toys? ;) She's still adorable, and that is what's important here, right? haha
Has she expressed any cutters remorse or is she still too young to care what her hair looks like?

Evie said...

Mollie-It's true, I remember cutting my hair when we lived up above grandpa's health food store:(

Leah-No, she's doesn't care...she keeps telling me the dr. can fix it.