Things aren't always as they appear.

  This is just a sneak peek, but I'm really excited to share these photos with you.  I had the pleasure of photographing my first surprise engagament session!  Come back Monday to see more:)  Evie

                                          Things aren't always as they appear....

It was such a surprise proposal, that I was in camo behind a
deer blind hiding out the whole time:) Why do I have such a
cool job;)  Evie
Big thanks to Leah for grabbing a picture with her phone;)
And thanks to my hubby, here's what it looked like from the front:)

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Mollie said...

Evie, that is sooo cool!!! Logan just keeps asking to see pics of your camo gear, and I said I didn't think you got any! He will be impressed :)

Mollie said...

In Logan's words...."that is freakin AWESOME!!!!!"

Evie said...

lol, glad I got his approval;) I do have an idea for the blind before I give him the blind though.....maybe you can help me...wahahaha. I'll have to call you;)