Donnell Family

  Happy Friday:)  Let me start off by saying I love this family!  They were so easy to work with.  Seriously, they woudln't stop smiling:)  Amd their little girl, Grace was such a sweetheart.  Her parents had a box of Tic-Tacs to help encourage Grace to smile.  What a great idea....I'm totally stealing it.  OK, here's some of my favorites....

See the orange Tic Tacs hiding in her cute little hand?;)
Trying to stay warm with Daddy.

See?  They wouldn't stop having fun;)

                               And I'm sure this is when I said something super funny and awesome.....

             j                 ust kidding, this is the shot when I made a joke.....just kidding, internet:)

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Mollie said...

I would smile for a Tic Tac too!!! Beautiful family!!!