A Smith Summer: The Final Chapter.

  Well, here's to the last Friday of the summer...sniff, sniff.  I really hate summer to end.  Like really, really hate.  I'm gonna miss hanging out in the kiddie pool, seeing the kids scream going down the Slip-n-Slide, going to the creek nearby our home, happy hour at Sonic, and mostly, sleeping in....long dreaded sigh.  Don't get me wrong, I like fall, it's just winter I entirely loathe.  It's coming, mark my words.  As soon as school starts, winter sneaks in and becomes a thorn in my side.  I sound depressed don't I? lol  Maybe I need a big bowl of ice cream and a viewing of, "The Sandlot" tonight.  Anywhoo, here's some pics I ran across today.  They were taken back in June.  So, here's to the end of summer and looking forward to a great fall season.  If you're headed back to school, have a GREAT year!!!  Evie

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Leah said...

Aww, cute pics! Don't be sad, Evie, there will be another summer one day! I do agree, however, that the thought of winter is kinda depressing... thank goodness it's encased by fall and spring to keep it in check.

Amy said...

Great pictures! I love how you can always "feel the fun" in your pictures. Here's to a great fall!!