Brian, my husband let me practice shooting on him last night at the park.  I told him I wouldn't post them, but I think he's too cute to not post:) Sorry babe, you're on my blog...hehe Evie

I joked with him these will be the last pictures of him in his 20's...he'll be THIRTY next month!

If you know Brian you know he's a pretty silly guy.
This is him playing a tree guitar.  Don't ask.
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Mollie said...

Look out, Brian here come the wrinkles!!! hahaha, I should know!! It's all downhill after you turn 30 :(

Amy said...

Great pictures and I'm super impressed he let you take them. I mean, of course, he has a great photographer. But I have to beg my hubby to let me take his picture and then swear not to post them. LOL So high-five!

Leah said...

Good pics of Brian!

Evie said...

Thanks ladies! He's still not happy I posted them...haha

MGM said...

Nice "tree guitar" face, Brian.

He looks thrilled. I think looking "thrilled" is kind of a trademark for Brian.