Last day of school

  Today is my sons last day of 1st grade...sniff, sniff.  I can't believe how fast that little squirt is growing up.  This was his first year in public school.  We LOVED his teacher, Mrs.K.  She was so sweet, but I'm glad to get Hayden back:)  We are thinking of maybe going back to homeschooling next year.  We'll decide towards the middle of summer. 
  It's been such a busy week.  I apologize for not blogging this week.  I was busy watching a live online conference with all the big wigs of wedding photography.  I took lots of notes and really walked away feeling inspired.  Gotta love that;)
  I'm almost done with a HUGE canvas I've been working on.  Brian and I will be celebrating our 10yr. wedding annv. this July.  I wanted to paint a cool painting to represent the past ten years.  Once it's done and I'm feeling not ashamed of my horrible art skills, I'll show you guys:)
  OK, that's it for now.  Hope you guys are all wonderful!!!  What plans do you have for summer?-Evie

P.S. I guess I could tell you about the picture...lol....this was from two years ago when Hayden was homeschooled.  We would ride our bikes to a local park for recess and then read  books under this tree.  I love this picture.  I just wish I would have had the camera I have now back then;)  It is what it is...lol Pin It


Mollie said...

Wow, the last day of school....that was always a good day for me as a kid. And it meant full on pool time!! I hope somehow I get to see you guys this summer! Can't wait to see the painting. My only forseeable goal for this summer is to get scuba certified, wish me luck this time :)

Evie said...

Oh, that's a perfect summer goal:)

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Chrysti said...

Hey Evie! Thanks for joining my blog too. ;) I must admit...I've been a BIG fan of yours for quite some time. :) Your photography is absolutely incredible! Extremely creative and very inspiring! And yes, we do have a lot in common. I'm so excited for you...writing your first children's book. Congratulations! I'd love to help in whatever way I can. You can e-mail me any questions you might have about publishing to my regular e-mail at: chrystiburroughs@mac.com

You have a blessed day too! :)

p.s. Could I possibly put any more smiley faces in this note???

Evie said...

Chrysti, awe, thanks girl:) I'll be writing you soon! And no worries, I always put too many smiley faces:0)