Jacob Conor

  I know, I've been terrible at blogging this past week:(  We've been house hunting which seems like it's turned into a part time job in itself.  AND, this past week, my sister, Leah finally had her baby:)  Jacob Conor!  So happy he's here and yet so sad I live 5 hrs from him:(  Although one week from today I'll be traveling to St.Louis to shoot his newborn session.  Can't wait, I got big plans for it, so please check back to see them.  And, I have a very special Senior Session the same weekend in Illinois.  Which is going to be AMAZING if the weather cooperates.  OK, about to run out the door to check out another house.  Here's a short video of my new nephew, Jacob:)  My sister, Amy went out to see him yesterday and took some footage to make me jealous.  Jacob makes a sad face in the video.  I told Amy he's sad because he knows it's not Aunt Evie that's holding him;) Have a great weekend guys! Evie

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