Curse of a Drummer

  Hi guys:)  I can't believe half the day is over already.  I've been running since I woke up it seems.  I'm not complaining though, my windows are open and Jael is finally down for her nap;) 

  We had a great weekend.  I love spending time with my family.  Even though half the time the kids are fighting over something silly and Brian's got his music up way too loud (curse of a drummer) I have to remind myself, it wont be like this for long:(  They'll be all grown up before I know it.  So, until then, I'm gonna keep snapping away pictures:)  Here's one from last night. The wind was perfect for flying a kite. Have a great Monday-Evie

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Mollie said...

Looks like spring has sprung there!! I was thinking of you guys when we went to the beach this weekend :(