Kiss or Diss

Welcome back to another Kiss or Diss post:) 

This weeks Kisses go to...
*FINALLY being a two car family again after a long 3.5 years!!!!
*Ordering a new lens....you know I want to shoot you with it..lol
*Having the BEST hubby in the world!  He bought me MICHAEL BUBLE tickets:)  It takes a real man to do that;)
*Starting to book sessions this spring and summer:)

This weeks Disses go to...
*Leaving Jael in a room with the Febreeze bottle.  Everything was drenched:(
*The ever exsisting season of winter.
*Waking up to a finger swollen and in mucho pain for no reason at all.

OK, take a deep breath and go for it.  Give me some kisses and disses.  Let it out friend.....Evie Pin It


Amber Warren said...

Being at work with NOTHING to do!!!

Evie said...

HOLD THE PHONE.....AMBER WARREN made a comment!!!!! It's my lucky day:0)

MGM said...

Oh come on, Evie! The finger is obviously swollen from over-use.... A little too much up the nose booger chasing, perhaps?

Hey! You posted the pic! Just sayin'.