When I went home last weekend I had a request for my little brother, Jesse.  It went something like this....Me, "Hey, Jess!  How are you?  Did you hear about the shoot you're gonna pose for me in?"  Jess, "Uhh..(just woke up) Mom said something...uhhh." Brian, "Are you gonna ask him or tell him, Evie?" Me, "He's my little brother.  I don't have to ask."  haha, and so, Precious (his family nickname) posed for me fully dressed in my parents bathtub with lots of bubbles:)  Ahh, behold, the power of a big sister! 
  Jess, thanks for getting in the tub for me even though, "every cell in my body is fighting against it."  haha, you're a good kid no matter what the rest of the family say;)  JUST KIDDING!!!!  We LOVE our PRECIOUS!!!! Evie

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Mollie said...

Cool pics. Jesse looks a lot like Phil in these. I love and miss you Jesse!!

Leah said...

What a fun shoot! You should've taken one of him shaving his jeans, shaving cream and all, hahahaha!

MGM said...

Oh, I totally LOVE these! How fun! The first one totally looks like it belongs in a magazine ad! This seriously makes me wish I had a little brother! What a cool dude!

...and I'll bet it was lots of fun for him to peel off those soapy wet clothes after that! hee hee!