Kiss or Diss

Today, I'm starting a new post called, "Kiss or Diss." One of my favorite photographer bloggers does this every so often, so I thought I'd give it a try.

So this weeks Kisses go to...
*Brian, for working so hard on my new website:)  Coming soon...
*Sunshine...in January, I'll take however much I can get!
*My sister Leah getting out of the hospital:)  Let that baby stay in the oven as long as he can!
*Ordering a new hood for my lens and getting new actions...the little things add up;)
*Finishing my first draft of my childrens book.

This weeks Disses go to...
*One of my FB friends who said, "Shame on America for helping Haiti, b/c we have hungry kids and homeless people here in America."  Really?!  Well, Evie thinks you need a new heart.
*Cold weather.
*Controlling people....you suck!  Sorry Mom, I said the "S" word :/
*My daughters surgery this week:(

OK, I think that's enough public therapy for me folks:)  Although I have to say, I feel a teensy bit better.  Give me one Kiss and one Diss for you this week.... Pin It


Mollie said...

My kiss goes to getting to drive to the beach in the Bronco with the top off.

My diss goes to getting the Bronco stuck in the sand for an hour while waiting to get rescued by a good samaritan!

Leah said...

My kiss is God making a way for my shower to get fixed TODAY rather than having to wait 10 business days for the part to show up...

My diss goes to PetCo for refusing to let Izzy get groomed without redoing her rabies shot first.

(Notice both items have to do with being stinky vs. clean!)

Sheila said...

My kiss goes to the kids' schools...they are great with the kids, and hey, let's face it, those 3 hours of freedom every morning is priceless!

My diss goes to my hubby being out of town, actually out of the country this week :( Working in mexico city- boooo

Great idea...might have to add this to my blog:)

What surgery is Jael having this week? I saw that thing on facebook too.....I thought the same as you.... :(

Evie said...

Thanks for the Kisses and Disses ladies!:)
Mollie-The same thing happened to Brian and I in FL with his truck..lol
Leah-So glad your shower got fixed, NOTHING worse than un unhappy pregger;)
Sheila-YES! Add it to your blog:)I haven't read it before...I think you're set on private..if you don't mind, I'd love to get a link to it:) Maybe through FB?