Crazy Cakes

  Yesterday was the last day of winter vacation for Hayden.  I wanted to just take it easy and play with the kids.  I'm not sure how this happened, but when I want to just relax with the kids I end up baking with them.  I didn't really have anything planned, so when Brian called from Wal-Mart I was thrilled.  "Please buy a white cake mix for the kids and I." I said.  Ladies, let me just stop right here.  When you ask your husband to buy a cake mix, don't assume he's going to buy icing too;)  Brian was nice enough to buy the cake mix and before I knew it, he was home.  The kids were thrilled and so was I b/c I had an idea:)  What would happen if I use all the colors of the rainbow in the cake mix?!  And, thanks to Wilton colors I was able to:)  But, I didn't have icing....but I did have a bag of powdered sugar.....waala...presto, a perfect kids last day of winter vacation crazy cake!

First, I pulled down all my Wilton colors I owned. I'm ashamed to say, I own more than the picture shows.

I grabbed six mixing bowls, poured some batter into each one and dropped a few colors in. Then I addded a toothpick so the kids could stir it in. I had to get my name in at least one pic;) Don't hate.....:)

"Kids, smile for mommy, pleeeeease?"

"KIDS! Smile for mommy the RIGHT way!" hahaha

So, then we had six bowls of really well mixed batter...

I really didn't know how I was going to put it in. So, I worked turbo fast. I also used a Bundt pan so when it was done you could see the colors better. I can't pin point it, but this picture just really makes me happy.

And there you have it. each piece is totally different. I even put a cup of frosting on the plate so the kids could dunk it. Because really, kids need as much sugar in their diet as possible:) lol

Hope your day so far is excellent....if not, go get a cup of coffee. I know I'm about to;) - Evie
P.S. Oh! If you try this crazy cake idea, please let me know. I'd love to post YOUR pics. Email me at eviephotography@live.com Pin It


Mollie said...

I guess I'm headed to Starbucks and Wal-Mart now...thanks for waking the taste buds, Evie!!!

Evie said...

Noooo, Logan will hate me....:)But, if you must....send me pics;)

Leah said...

This cake totally reminds me of something you'd see on that Peter Pan movie with Robin Williams when he sits down to the dinner table with all the Lost Boys and they show him how to use his imagination to make the food appear and it's all this awesomely gooey and colorful food! You know any food that colorful HAS to taste awesome!!!!