You were right...easy cheesy

  Hi guys:)  We've recently had some computer problems at our home.  Our internet has been down a few days, but thankfully it's up and running again.  But, it must still be sick because it's not letting me upload new pics:(  You know God is laughing at me, right?!:)  Hoping to have everything fixed in a day or two:)

  BUT, luckily, I do have a new pic to post today thanks to a dedicated fan named Mollie!!!  Ok, ok, I'm not that cool....nor will I ever be cool, but it sounded good;)  Mollie is my sister:)  She tried the peanut butter cookies and e-mailed me a pic.  The first thing she wrote was, "You were right....easy cheesy."  See?  I told you;)

Mollie, thanks for sending me the pics:)  Great idea on using a Heath bar instead;)  I'm sure Logan will LOVE them:)

To all the other fellow blogger readers out there, hope you have a great Wednesday!:)  Pin It


Leah said...

Ohhhh, ahhhh, yummm... at least hers turned out great! I just fail at life. hahaha I can, at least, replicate Amy's awesome chocolate chip cookies and everyone loves me for them! (thanks, Amy!)

Mollie said...

Leah, no worries. I learned from your experience....I made the cookies bigger than normal, and reduced the time to 17 minutes...perfecto!! Had I not kept munching the Heath bar, I think I would've not been too sick to try the cookies. Logan said they were good, he took most of them to work :)

Leah said...

LOL, I probably would've had the same issue if I had a Heath bar around to tempt me while waiting for them to finish!