Ok, I know what you're thinking..."Really? She blogged about pomegrantes?" Why yes I did. A basket of fancy fruit was brought to me as a Christmas gift. I have to admit, I've never ate a pomegranate. Had no clue as how to open it, much less what it tastes like. So, already knowing some of my goals for the new year....one being trying to eat healthier. I thought I'd give this red, round fruit gift a try.

Plus come on....a girl needs some blog ideas every now and then;) Ok, here it is....steps to open a pomegrante.
Step 1. Cut off the top.

Step 2. Score: You will see 4 to 6 sections. Cut like you would an orange.

Step 3. Open her up. Isn't the color beautiful?!

Step 4. Loosen: Over a bowl of water let the "arils" fall into the water. These are the flesh-covered seeds. The arils will sink to the bottom while the white membranes will float to the top.

Step 5. Strain and eat.

Jael has never had one before either. Thought I'd get some snapshots of her trying it. For myself, I think it is somewhat like Kool-Aid filled corn kernals. Yup, you heard me....and I'm right;)

Then she spit it out.....ewe.

But kids like adults need to try new foods a few times. After she was use to the tart/sweetness taste, she got use to it:0)

So, my challenge to you is if you've never had a pomegranate, next time you're at the store, buy one! Try it and see for yourself. It's full of polyphenols....an awesome antioxidant. Go, be healthier and think of me;) haha Happy Wednesday!!! Pin It