Pink Eye and Ear Infections...boo

Today Hayden is staying home from school again.  He has double pink eye and double ear infections:(  My poor little buddy.  He's actually feeling pretty good until it's time for him to take his medicine.  I wont even begin to tell you what I have to do to put in his eyedrops.  Right now he's running around collecting books so we can read before his nap.  As he's running, I'm checking my e-mail and ran across this picture of Hayden when he was about 5 onths old.  I so remember giving him a bath and then getting out my camera (which took film<3) and taking his picture.  He looks about as annoyed then as he does now when I try to take his picture. haha  It kinda makes me sad how fast he's growing....he's such a great boy!  He's happy, healthy, super smart, and has a kind heart.  I'm so blessed to be his Mom:)

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Leah said...

Awwww, Haydennnnnnnn!!!! So adorable, I miss him being that small!