How to build a log cabin, according to Hayden (age 6)

Building a log ckaben
Step 1. cut the logs
Step 2.gallr the logs
Step 3. make the wolls
Step 4. make the roof
Step 5. ckol it home sweet home

Sooooo cute thought I'd share. Although now you know who Hayden gets his mad spelling skills from;)

Starting to get ready for Thanksgiving today. I'm wrapping some gifts to give my sisters who I will not be seeing at Christmas time:( I'll take what time I can get though!

I do have a mini shoot on Thanksgiving day I'm hoping timing wise will work out. Keep your fingers crossed for me;)

Also, you know what has been a little annoying lately? All this "Twilight/New Moon"
movie buzz. I haven't seen any of them, so maybe I shouldn't speak, but really.....what in the world are all these grown women drooling over?! In my opinion, if you really love this Edward guy, you'd buy him a tanning package b/c he looks like he could use some SERIOUS vitamin D! I know he's a vampire, so I get it....but not really..lol.

OK, I guess that's it, I'll stop rambeling on. Have a great day!
Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Pin It


Mollie said...

Very smart, that Hayden!!
I'm getting sad that I might not be seeing any family for the rest of the year :(
And I don't understand the craze about Twilight either....I know a woman in her mid 30's going ga ga right now....this may sound really unpolitically correct, but that's pathetic in my book!

Evie said...

lol, you better watch it Mollie, them are fightin' word to Leah;)

Mollie said...

Oops, sorry Leah :)

Leah said...

Sisters, Ladies, Fellow Females... I, too, scoffed at the "Twilight" craze and rolled my eyes whenever I'd hear anyone rant about how amazing the books were. Then one day I was working with a female co-worker who is as cynical as I am about that sort of thing and she told me how she had just read the books on vacation and loved them. I needed a good book to read, so I gave it a shot, and 10 days later I had read all 4 1/2 of them. (don't ask about the 1/2 part) You both know me. You know I'm not into vampire stories. But, dang it, this series did it for me. EDWARD is a character that is written to romance the socks off of any warm-blooded girl/woman, and you both would be hard pressed to deny your infatuation too if you picked up the first book. I will warn you, however, that once (and if) you read even the first book, you will suddenly find yourself putting unrealistic expectations on your spouse. HAHAHA :) Ok, I'm stepping off my "Twilight" soapbox now.

Mollie said...

It's true, Leah, you don't seem like the vampire type. I do know, though, how stories make men into knights in shining armour, and then we wonder why women fall in love with fantasies and why real men can't live up to their ideals. Wanna read about Someone who can TRULY romance your socks off? Read/study the Song of Solomon :)

Leah said...

Touche, Mollie, touche. :)