Brian and Chalkgirl 10 years later:)

Ten years ago tonight, I introduced myself to who would be my future husband. Here's a little piece of our story...Brian and I started Bible College at the same time in Pensacola, Florida the fall of 1999. Neither of us could have ever imagined the course of our next few months. It happened that every week the entire school would meet for prayer. On one particular night, he walked by, and that's when I knew. I remember saying to myself, "that's my future husband." What happens next some would call a little unorthodox...but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. From that moment on, for a lack of better word, I stalked him. Whatever information I could find...what's his name?, how old is he?, where's he from?, and most importantly...where does he live? As it turned out, in my appartment complex...imagine that! Our first bit of  correspondence was a note I left, in chalk mind you, in the breezeway of his unit. It said, "Hi Brian Smith". For me, the chase was on, for him...mystery...intrigue...and confusion. He left a note taped on the wall, I wrote back again...this went on for a weeks until he could take no more. He demanded that we meet. So we agreed to meet at one of the schools social gatherings called "Breakaway Cafe". I told him not to look for me, I would find him...and would introduce myself as "Chalkgirl". So it was, on Novemember 2, 1999, that I walked up to Brian, introduced myself as Chalkgirl and new by the way his jaw hit the ground that he was mine forever. We stayed together the rest of night and he bought me a cup of hot coco. Every year on this day we celebrate with a cup of hot coco...and our lives have never been the same.
P.S. Of course I took pictures during the whole chalking/stalking phase...lol. After we got married I turned the pictures and the letters he wrote me into a scrapbook. So, that's why these pictures on today's blog are a little different;)

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Sheila said...

I love it! That is so sweet! how fun :) I wish we wouldn't have lost touch after high school, but so glad to reconnect with you now!