Rainy Wednesday

Today was such a gross, cold and wet day. Jael and I decided to venture out to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things. Those of you who have a toddler know what a task this can be. Running wild down aisles. Telling random strangers about Aunt Mollie's jokes. I'm always sweating bullets when my kids start to talk to strangers. So, I finally wised up and found a way to keep Jael (Hayden's now in school) close by me and focused:) She now has her very own little shopping cart!!! Brilliant, right? Let me tell you folks out there....this little $15 toy is sooo worth it's weight in gold. She was my little helper today. Since she is a girl, she was "slightly" distracted by some pretty things calling her name. But all in all she did awesome. She even helped me make dumplings when we got home. LOVE chicken and dumplings on a rainy day<3 href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_oDjZqlD2-CY/Sp8q0eZ2GEI/AAAAAAAAABU/thy47MGK1pg/s1600-h/blog+017.JPG">

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Amy Nelson said...

These are great! If we have a little girl, I will HAVE to get a shopping cart for her!! OH yeah...your pictures are always SO GOOD...I always think "I have to remember that for when I have kids..." :)

Leah said...

These pictures made me smile and laugh, she's such a character Evie! I wonder where she gets it from??? ;) I miss you guys!