Catchin' Armadilla's

Brian looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes as he told me he had the next five days off work unexpectdly. I knew the words that were about to come out of his mouth, and yes, I was right. "Let's head down to Arkansas." he said with a grin. We drove a new route and I have to say, we went through parts of Missouri and Arkansas that were BEAUTIFUL. I was very surprised.:) I made a promise to myself I wasn't going to snap away pics the whole time I was there. I was going to relax with my family. Which I did, but of course I HAD to take some pics. (In fact I even got a photo shoot. Pics to come soon) Brian, the kids and I had a great time. Brian worked on his sister's land a few days clearing out broken branches and burned them. Hayden learned to bait his own hook. Jael pretty much stayed barefoot and caught frogs the whole time. And yes, I, Evie caught one tadpole, two armadillo's ("armadilla's" if your an Arkansan) and three fish! It's always great to be down South. Go Razorbacks!

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