Brian In Realife

  Today I thought I'd talk a bit about another blog.  My hubby's blog to be exact.  Yes.  We now have two bloggers in the family.  However, he actually enjoy's writing.  I on the other hand, enjoy posting pictures with a side of words;)  (Badum-Ching!  That was my best drum noise.  Give me credit I tried.)  If you know me, you know that my husband, Brian is a youth pastor.  In fact that is why we moved here to PA about nine months ago.  We love youth and believe this generation is awesome!!!  So, if you want to check out his blog and read what's on his heart, please do so!  You can go to http://briansrealifejourney.blogspot.com/ and tell him Evie sent you:) 

 I couldn't help but post a picture.  I snapped this one last week when we were at our son's track and field day at school.  Some people are just too cool for school;) 

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