Last week Jessi asked to shadow me for a day for a school project.  I was so excited she picked photography as her career.  I had some fun things planned out but today has been nothing but pouring down rain.  Not exactly the pretty light I wanted to show her how to shoot in.  So, we stayed inside.  I went over F-stops, shutter speeds and ISO.  Sounds real exciting, right?;)  I know, not really.  She's really interested in food photography.  I saw an orange in her kitchen so I had her think about how she wanted to cut it, place it, and stylize the image.  There's so much that goes into one shot!  She did a great job, but mostly she gets an A+ for not freaking out when she saw me at 8am with no makeup on and crazy frizzy hair:)  We also went over posing and natural light sources.  I couldn't help but post one shot from today....

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