Hello Third Trimester!

  I can't believe I'm entering into my third trimester already with this pregnancy.  Not that I'm complaining;)  It's just going by so fast!!!  I decided to set up my tripod and have my daughter, Jael snap away for me.  She did so good I even took my camera off the tripod and gave her full control.  So, here I am with Caleb at 27 weeks.  (I can't tell you how much I love this maternity dress!  By far, the best fitting maternity dress out of all three of my pregnancies.)

Once she had the camera on her own, she started to show me where and how to pose.  How cute is she?!?!  I could seriously just munch on her face all day.  I love this kid.

 I set up the camera settings while she posed and gave her the camera back.  Then she got this shot that I kinda love....well, minus the tripod in the back;)

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