D.I.Y. {The Sock Bun}

  Happy Friday!!!  I thought it was time to try to blog something new.  I love do-it-yourself projects so why not post one?  On Facebook a friend posted a picture of her daughter rocking a "sock bun" and I was like, "That's adorable but I have no clue what she's talking about."  So, of course I googled it:)  Turns out it's actually a SOCK!!!  OK, so go grab a sock!  Cut off the toe part.  Next roll it up like a doughnut.  And that's pretty much it.  However, I like to over complicate things (I can hear my husband say yes) so I sewed the remaining sock flap down to ensure closure.  But then it dawned on me.  I do not have super dark hair so if any of my crazy thin hair shows this thing it's going to be way obvious.  So, next I cut about eight inches of brown pantyhose (same as sock, just cut off the toe part) and nude pantyhose.  (I made one for me and one for my daughter, Jael)  Then I weaved the hose in and out through the doughnuts until they were covered.  Then I sewed to ensure it was closed.  Then you have this.....

                 To do a sock bun, you will need the sock bun itself, two hair bands and bobby pins.
            Today my daugher, Jael will be my gorgeous model. Luckily she watched tv the whole time.

                                                                                       Start off with clean, brushed hair. 

Next, take one hair band and put it up in a simple ponytail.

Then, grab your sock bun and place it over the hair band.

Place head down a bit and cover the whole sock bun with your hair.  You might feel like Cousin It for a moment:)

                                                       Get your remaining hair band and place over entire sock bun tightly.

Let the remaining hair fall down.

At this point you can wrap the remaining hair around bun and secure with bobby pins.  We decided to braid the remaining hair though.....


Wrap it around, tuck the end into braid and secure with pins.

I've already worn this hair style twice this week.  I LOVE it:)  Hope you enjoyed a new D.I.Y. post.  Let me know if you'd like more in the future. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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~Amy said...

Ok...so first of all, as soon as Jael's hair went up in the ponytail, she looked just like LEAH as a little girl from behind! :] Made me smile :]
And second of all, Thank you for the step by step pictures. After you explained it on the phone, I wasn't sure about the 'cover bun with hair' part, but now it's so clear. I'll definitely be trying this in the very near future. I'm gonna go see which sock and pantyhose I plan to sacrifice right now.... lol

Evie Smith said...

Yay! So glad it helped:) Let meknow how it goes!

Amy Moore said...

Jael's hair is gorgeous!!! Love your DIY bun - can you fix my hair too ;) Ha!

Anonymous said...

My mom didn't let me do it! She wouldn't let me cut just one pair of pantyhose!! But nice DIY anyways.

Anne-Charlotte Rateau said...

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I’ve just discovered your work and I love it !
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Best wishes,