After living here almost seven months we finally decided to get a landline, internet and cable!!!  Gone are my Amish days:)  Yesterday my kids, Hayden and Jael were glued to SpongeBob on Nick.  And I have to admit, I was on Facebook way too much catching up.  I decided to try out our new line and call my sister, Amy. (Thanks for the picture, Amy!) She would not stop laughing when we talked because she said her caller ID came up as "Rednecks" when I called.  My question is, how did Comcast know we were from Missouri?!:)  Now I have to decide if I should call and complain.  I don't mind because really, it's pretty funny.  Hope your weekend is awesome!  I'm headed to IKEA to pick out Caleb's crib.  That's right!!!  My son has a name:0)  Evie

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