It's a boy!

  Is winter over yet?!  I can’t express how much I LOATHE winter every year.  Not only does my photography work slow down to a grueling pace of nothingness but my soul desperately needs sunshine that the winter does not provide.  Especially here in Pittsburgh.  In fact I’m just about 100% certain the weather here is bipolar.  But more on PA later;) 

  OK, so I’m back!  I never blog in the winter but now that spring is about to be upon us, I’ll be back to blogging again.  My one reader (Hi Mom!) will be pleasedJ  It seems like so much has happened since my last blog post.  Which if you haven’t read is all about my HUGE, GIGANTIC, surprise pregnancy with baby numero tres.  Turns out even all the protection in the world won’t stop God from getting His will done;)  Sorry for the lame pastor’s wife humor there. 

  As of tomorrow I will be 22 weeks pregnant.  Over half way there!  But, to catch you up on a few photos, here’s me at 16 weeks……

  And here’s baby  #3  saying hiJ  And by the way it’s a BOY!!!!!  Any names are more than welcomed.  My hubby and I are so not agreeing on any names at all at this point.  But let’s face it, I push the kid out so I should get at least 60% voting rights on the name, right?  And all the women say, “Amen.”

  My one fear with this pregnancy is that I did not want to gain a bazillion pounds.  I bet you didn’t even know scales went up that high did you?   So I have been exercising about 5-6 times a week and I feel pretty darn fantastical.  (I might blog later on what my exercise program is.)  Here’s my rather large and in charge belly at 20 weeks…still rocking the yoga poses. 

  That’s it for now.  I hope your winter was great! And that for whoever might be reading this, hope your day is wonderfulJ  Evie

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