I Dig It {AAA}

  Welcome to another "I Dig It" post!  This is where I tell you about things apparently I dig:)  I promised Mike from Penn's Towing Inc. I would blog about him saving the night, so here it goes.  My last wedding in KC was long like usual and being preggo my feet were hurtin' for certain and I was hungry by the time we left the reception.  My brother, Phil (my second shooter) and I walked back to his car that was parked somewhere in Westport.  He put the keys in and nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  The battery was dead.  However, the previous week I had asked my husband to join AAA to make sure my butt was covered to get me to the wedding.  Because you just never know:)  So, I told Phil to not worry, I had brought two important cards with me in my Kelly Moore camera bag.  My drivers license and my new golden, perfect, save the day, AAA card!  Dun, dun, dun!!!  I grabbed my cell and called and literally about EIGHT minutes later, Mike from Penn's Towing was giving us a jump.  I'm pretty sure I told Mike he was a baby angel.  By the time we were driving off the lot I was sold on AAA.  I DIG IT!!!  Evie

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