Brian the Robot Smith

  Sometimes when we do an art project in home school and I can't help but love it.  And if I'm honest sometimes I forget it's not for me, it's for my kids.  Can I get in trouble for admitting that?  Anywhoo, yesterday we watched the 100th movie for the week since Jael still is sick.  It was, "Robots" which if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.  It totally inspired me to do an art project with random junk from around the house.  I was instantly sucked into a art-robot-making-vortex.  It's just what I needed:)  I decided to make my husband, Brian.  He's a drummer so the tea lights worked out beautifully for the snare:)  And yes, I even wrote his favorite drum stick name brand on sticks.  Although I gave him hair, which I'm not for sure why, because he's bald.  Maybe I was having a flashback to when we first met and he had hair.  Which by the way, is 13 years from this Wednesday.  (insert "ahhh") So, if you need an idea for your kiddos, even if they are not home schooled, they will love this!  I'd show you Hayden and Jael's but Jael's fell a part pretty fast and Hayden wanted to know first thing if his was buoyant.  He ran up the stairs to the bathroom and quickly realized it was not.  In a big way.  haha  So wait, does that kinda count as a science class, too?  Just kidding, folks.  Just kidding.  Evie:)

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