Beautiful PA

  Thought I'd share some pictures of my kiddos here enjoying the fall here in PA.  I hope it's beautiful where ever you live.  It's pretty gorgeous here, I'm not gonna lie;)

  Poor Jael, she hates it when I have my camera.  I have to sneak a shot of her when she's not looking if I'm gonna get a shot of her at all.

Hayden on the other hand, loves to goof off for the camera.  Here he is on the zip line for the first time.

Good news......I have a new niece!!!!  Her name is Grace and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her:)  CONGRATULATIONS MOLLIE AND LOGAN!!!!  Here's a shot they e-mailed me....and yes, that's a camo tutu Aunt Evie made her.  Because all the military babies are wearing them this season;)

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