Packing like a Ninja!

  I decided to pack like a ninja today!  It's our last week here, so I've got to get things done.  Not to mention I have a wedding to shoot in KC on Saturday.  So, with that being said, I wont be blogging for a while:(  My next post I'll be in PA!!!  Only good things to come:)  Jael has decided to help mommy pack....

and thank goodness because she does it so well;)  I'll talk to ya in a few weeks!  Evie
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MGM said...

That one oughta hold up great! Maybe you guys will do something smart--unlike what we did in our last move--and pack special overnight bags that has important valuable stuff in it that you might really NEED at your fingertips...like clean underpants! I remember how utterly exhausted we were when we last moved. After 14 grueling hours I was desperate for a shower and fresh undies and PJs before I literally crashed. When I realized that I had absolutely NO IDEA where my underpants were packed or piled in our new 3,500 sq foot home full of boxes and random piles of everything you could imagine--EXCEPT clean underpants--I just sat in the middle of the boxes and sobbed. I've never sobbed for my underpants like that before, or after, that event ever in my life. And that's probably a good thing. haha!

And my email is down, so you probably didn't get my email response earlier--but yes, Zach would love to have the clothing you offered, and thanks for passing it on.

Have enjoyed our heart to heart's, and will miss you! I wonder why all my dear friends keep moving out of the state? Afterall, I FOUND the box of clean underwear a long time ago! :) *sigh*