Sneak Peek....Mollie and Amy! {My beautiful sisters}

  Good morning all:)  I went to Kansas City and St.Louis this past weekend and had the pleasure of taking (cough, cough, "making") my sisters, Amy and Mollie's pictures.  Mollie is seven months preggo and lives in Florida.  I hardly ever get to see her so when I had the chance to hang out with her for a bit I told her she was going to let me have ten minutes to shoot.  She was nice enough to say yes:)  Here's a sneak peek....

And here's Amy.  I've NEVER shot Amy before so she really didn't have a chance to say no;)  I think she had fun....maybe a bit too much actually.  haha  Amy's sneak peek...

And here's a shot of all uf us girls from our St.Louis get together:)
(Leah, Mollie, Amy and me)

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Mollie said...

LOOOOOOOVE the pic of Amy!!! How whimsical and fun, perfect snapshot of her personality :) And how tan were you, Evie?? Tots jealous. What a great day that was getting to visit with my sisters!!

~Amy said...

Will your FB/Blog followers receive complementary sunglasses to view my picture with? ...I'd hate to be responsible for blinding anyone with my skin! LOL
Seriously, I love getting all us girls together, and I'm so glad we got a picture! :D
Don't forget to tell everyone that I'm the oldest...by a LOT! :p

Sheila said...

Ok, how much older is Amy? ;)

Great pics Evie! You and your sisters look great.

When are you moving?