Leah + Seth...Married! {Kansas City, Mo}

  Let me first start off by saying, I had the pleasure of working with both my siblings on this wedding:)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with them!  When Phil (Sacred Day Photography-816.804.5340)called me to tell me to come in and second shoot, I was excited.  But then he began to tell me a little about the bride and groom and I began to fall in love with their story. (It kinda reminded me of how my hubby and I met:)) They met at Masters Commission in Kansas City.  They both love Jesus and want to serve him.  It was an honor shooting their wedding.  I can honestly say I've never shot a wedding before where the love and sincerity oozed out of a couple like this one.  Along with a whole lotta tears;) Yes, I said lotta:)  Here's some shots of mine that I love from the day.....

Big shout out to Emily at Hair who did an amazing job on Leah's hair!

The Anoushka G. dress was GORGEOUS! 

Leah is a dancer so it only seemed right to "tie the knot" with her ballet shoes and Seth's soccer shoes:)

Leah received a letter from Seth early that morning...

Something blue....

Leah decided to go barefoot, but had beautiful foot jewelry made by one of her bridesmaids.

Because I was the second shooter, my main job was to focus was on the groom during the ceremony. 
 I had no idea
I was going to get to watch Seth's heart melt like it did when he saw Leah walk down the aisle.  I was crying behind my camera. 

Leah, you are GORGEOUS!!!!!

The sun was setting right when we had time for bride and groom portraits....I think God was smiling;)

                                                                         Hope your week is going great so far!  Evie:) Pin It


chrysalis1975 said...

Seth & Leah look so happy and their wedding seems truly blessed by God!!! What wonderful photographs :)