God's Promise Pancakes

  Last time I made pancakes I put food coloring in them, but only used one color. Boring.  So, I had planned on the next time doing a rainbow design.  As luck would have it, the kids asked for pancakes and I was in the mood to be creative.  Thus..."God's Promise Pancakes" was born:)  The kids loved them!!!  Hayden said they reminded him of God's promise to Noah.  (Genesis 9:12-17) 

  They were super easy to make and I promise you're kid(s) will love them!!! I just divided the batter into small dishes, then added food coloring.  Stir and bake as normal.  And yeah, and serve them with a smile;)  Evie

At the end I didn't have enough to make full one colored pancakes so I decided
to mix and match. 
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Mollie said...

Very cute!! :)