There's moments in life that I really have the thought run through my mind that I need to have like 20 more kids.  Because really, honestly, my kids melt my heart.  I caught Jael having a tea party under a tent with her new birthday bunny.  I ran like a wild woman to my room, grabbed my camera and threw a lens on. 
She was more than happy to let me in the tent...well, I take that back.  I had to enter a code into her piece
of paper that looked like a keypad:)  I think the code was, "LLXOS."
She wasn't too happy though once she saw my camera. 

Hope your day is going well!  Take a picture of your kid(s) today.  I promise
you'll appreciate it years from now:) Evie
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Amy said...

Oh Evie – I love how sweet these are and truly beautiful memories you’re preserving for Jael. You’re such a good mama and a rockin’photog too!

Mollie said...

How sweet! I miss my Jael!! Glad she's still using the tea set :)

Sherry Fauscett said...

What a gift in every sense of the word! I like you blog and will follow it. If you haven't seen mine check it out - islamujeresbeachhouse.blogspot.com