My heart goes out...

  My heart goes out to everyone in Joplin, MO this morning.  So much was lost last night in the storm.  Please be praying for them.
  We came home last night from being out of town and not much time went by (about an hour) when the tornado sirens started to go off.  They rang for what seemed like a good 45 minutes.  We are a little over an hour away from Joplin.  The storm ended up being just south of us.  We had some crazy weather after the sirens stopped.  We couldn't help but go outside beause there was a HUGE double rainbow behind us, crazy lightning to the left of us and crazy red/orange skies to the right of us.  These are unedited, here's what it looked like...

Again, please be praying for the people of Joplin.  There's still so many people missing.  Evie
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